Should Norry’s temporary traffic signals be made permanent?


NORTHUMBERLAND – In the Borough of Northumberland, a lot of motorists have been enjoying the new temporary traffic signals, especially if you are on Orange Street or trying to get through the King and Front Street intersection.   A recent straw poll on the Northumberland Streets Projects page on Facebook showed most people who responded favored keeping the lights.


Mayor Daniel Berard was one of the respondents to the poll, and he said the borough can consider keeping the lights, but he wants to be clear, it will cost thousands of dollars in maintenance, “Having a light is not a free undertaking. It’s a maintenance issue, there is electricity that we have to pay, and I do not think that the borough is going to be able to afford to maintain another light.”


But, having said that, he said if the people overwhelmingly support the permanent installation of new traffic signal at Front and Orange Streets, and at Front and King Streets, then council will consider it. He said the fact that the lights are already accepted, is important, “One of the advantages that the new light at King Street has, is that it is already installed. That might be an advantage if we want to keep it. We are going to have to find some money, I’d hate to have to raise taxes a mill to pay for a light, but we’ll see. We want to accommodate the people of the borough and it does sound a positive undertaking.”


Mayor Berard said the borough has already spent about $5,000 in extra maintenance costs for the existing King Street light. He noted that PennDOT rejected the borough’s recent request to install an additional signal along Duke Street.

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