Shikellamy student gives speech at state bipartisan women’s dinner

SUNBURY – A Shikellamy High School senior was given a memorable opportunity to speak in front of some state house members this week. Shikellamy senior Anna Wiest presented her speech ‘Wings of Beauty’ Tuesday during a bipartisan dinner in Harrisburg for the state house’s women’s caucus.


Wiest says her remarks called on society to judge women on their capabilities, and not their appearance, “It’s really important for our society now to come to terms with the fact that we are not just the way we look. We have ideas and we have thoughts and we are worth so much more than just how we look.”


Wiest says the best way to break this standard is to have a conversation, “To really talk to people and hear about what they think, what they believe in. I think that’s so important, is to learn what a person believes in and what a person stands for.”


Wiest says women today need to have the courage to feel confident to communicate their opinions. She hopes to have demonstrated that after finding the courage to give her speech, “Four years ago, I would’ve never been able to stand up like I did (Tuesday) night and give that speech in front of those women. But I’m so grateful I’m to the point now where I’m able to do that and express my opinions.”


Wiest says after graduation she would like to get into politics, and is still undecided on where she will continue her education post-graduation.

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