Unbalanced: Shikellamy final budget includes 3.5 mill tax increase


ISLAND PARK – Property owners in the Shikellamy School District are likely to see another tax increase, but the district’s big budget deficit will most likely be eliminated. At Thursday night’s work session, the school board discussed the final draft of the 2019-2020 budget of nearly $50 million with a 3.5 mill increase. That will mean approximately $60 more in taxes for the average property owner.


Business Manager David Sinopoli tells WKOK the budget includes increases in salary, health care costs, and retirement, “Salaries and benefits keep on increasing. Everybody getting a salary increase. There are increases to our insurances, healthcare, in addition to the retirement pinch that we’re all feeling throughout the state. That increase is something that we’ve come to expect year after year.”


The budget also includes approximately $600,000  received from the state, “The state’s giving us some increase this year. We’ve budgeted Governor Wolf’s projected numbers, but it’s not enough to keep pace with our current expenditures as they stand.”


The 3.5 mill increase will still leave the district with a deficit of over $701,000, but it will be covered by the fund balance of $9.5 million. The school board expects to vote on the final budget next week.


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