Shamokin resident voices concern over maintained tax increase


SUNBURY-  The City of Shamokin did receive permission recently to continue with higher than typically permitted tax rates—but one resident who has been attending city council meetings isn’t happy with the decision.


35-year-old Joseph Leschinskie Jr., a longtime active resident of Shamokin tells WKOK that while he does not agree with the judge’s decision, he does respect it, but notes that there are many properties in jeopardy, “We have so many properties going up on tax sales, the people can’t afford it. The people don’t pay their property taxes because they don’t want to; they don’t pay them because they can’t afford them.”


Shamokin received court permission recently to continue with property tax and EIT rates higher than are usually permitted, the city argued, low property values meant higher taxes were necessary to fund services.


Leschinskie tells WKOK that he understands the necessity of the one percent increase in Earned Income Tax, but he says he thinks there was no justification for the extra five mills in property taxes, because even without them, the city still ends up with a balanced budget, “If the City of Shamokin was able to balance their budgets and live within their means, we wouldn’t need that mills. The two percent for right now, yes, it’s necessary, I don’t like it, who does like more money out of their check, nobody. But unfortunately, we need it.”


The budget of just over $4 million will likely be passed at a city meeting on December 30.

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