September is Family Meals month, some meal planning tips

SUNBURY – September is Family Meals Month. But ‘back to school’ can be a busy time for Valley families, which means there can be little or no time to share a meal together. During their monthly appearance on WKOK Sunrise, the Registered Dietitians from Weis Markets offered some tips.

Registered Dietitian Beth Stark says planning ahead is key, “So whether it’s you get it on your calendar, maybe the family sits down on the weekend and kind of maps out the schedule for the week ahead. With that, you slot a time you plan to dine together for dinner for example, and then you slot in the different recipes you plan to make. So you kind of cover a couple of bases all at one time.”

Stark says meal preparation can also be a big help. Stark says having ingredients ready in your pantry and freezer can help, along with washing and preparing fresh vegetables. She says making enough food to have leftovers can also really help.

Dietitian Kathryn Long says there are also lots of benefits to get kids involved in the kitchen, “They get better grades in school, they have better social skills in school, it’s a great time to just bond with your kids and your siblings. They’re also less like to engage in risky behaviors, and less likely to become overweight as adults, because maybe you are eating those healthier foods at home, so you’re setting up those habits for a lifetime.”

Long says even those that are single can still have a family meal, “If you are living alone, they’re looking for meal ideas for one. But getting together with your friends can also count as a family meal.”


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