Senior Policy Analyst says Janus ruling a win for government workers



SUNBURY – The Janus vs. AFSCME US Supreme Court ruling on unions may have a major impact on public service unions in the future. The court now requires that unions no longer require a fair share payment from their workers. Bob Dick, Senior Policy Analyst from the Commonwealth Foundation, joined On The Mark to discuss this Supreme Court decision.


He says  this ruling is a huge win for government workers all across the country, “Basically the system that we had pre-Janus was government workers were forced to subsidize political causes that they disagree with. That’s no longer the case now thanks to this ruling and we’re really excited and pleased that you have public workers across the country being able to exercise their constitutional rights.”


He also discusses how government workers are no longer forced to subsidize political causes with which they disagree, “The distinction between the fair share fee and the full union dues are not really, it didn’t do justice to the employees because even under that system they were still forced to subsidize political causes that they disagree with.”


You can hear more from Bob Dick on the Janus ruling at He was a guest on a recent On The Mark discussion.


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