Senator Toomey says witnesses won’t help impeachment trial  


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pennsylvania’s Republican U.S. Senator says whether or not witnesses are called to the ongoing impeachment trial, it still is unlikely to affect its outcome. Senator Pat Toomey spoke about this during a media availability earlier this week, “I don’t think there are 20 Republican senators that are going to join with every Democratic senator to remove this president from office and to forbid him from ever running for office again, and that’s the case whether or not a witness comes in and says, ‘Oh yes, he definitely said this’ or ‘Yes, he definitely did that.’”


Senator Toomey says in the meantime, the senate should take a wait and see approach before calling witnesses, “Let’s wait and hear the entire presentation by the House Managers. Let’s hear the defense of the president’s team. Let’s then submit questions and get answers to our questions posed by the senators, and then that’s the time to decide.”



Senator Toomey also thinks President Trump’s defense team has some options when it’s their turn to speak in the trial this weekend, “They can contest individual facts, they can contest the constitutionality of this, they can go after the process, which was a terrible process. They can also raise the very fundamental question about even if the president did something that you may disapprove of, does it really rise to the level of removing the sitting president for the first time in the country.”

Earlier this week, we told you Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey shared concerns about not having witnesses and what would happen if the president isn’t convicted. You can see that story at


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