Senator Casey addresses impeachment trial process


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pennsylvania Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) expressed some concerns about the ongoing President Donald Trump impeachment trial, as well as worries about the power of the President if he isn’t convicted.


Senator Casey says hearing from witnesses would’ve been beneficial, and also could’ve made this process a little faster, “If all the senators agreed on those matters at the outset, you could actually start the process. You could actually issue subpoenas, so the witnesses could appear in a couple of days. We can still hear the opening presentations by the House Managers, but you can begin to supplement an already substantial and compelling record.”


Senator Casey also expressed concerns about reports of his colleagues not paying attention during the impeachment proceedings, “The overwhelming percentage of senators are there the entire time, listening attentively. But that’s why you have an open process. Reporters can observe what senators are doing, and if they’re doing something else, that should be reported. To do impartial justice under the constitutional laws, you’ve got to pay attention, because this is not a simple story.”


Senator Casey says if President Trump isn’t convicted, that means senators are ignoring the President’s behavior when he made the Ukraine call the day after Robert Mueller testified, “The president at that time was, I think, both acting in a triumphant manner emboldened by saying, ‘They didn’t get me’ or ‘They didn’t lay a glove on me’ with this testimony, so now I can pursue this scheme to investigate a political opponent in interfering the next elections.”


Senator Casey shared those concerns during a news conference call Thursday morning. You’ll hear comments from Penna. Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey’s (R-PA) media availability in future newscasts.

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