Selinsgrove school board passes budget with tax increase


SELINSGROVE – Property owners in the Selinsgrove Area School District will be hit with another tax increase. District Business Manager Jeff Hummel tells WKOK the school board unanimously passed its final budget of just over $45 million during Monday’s meeting.


Hummel says the board voted 7-2 in favor of a 1.5 mil tax increase, which he says is a two percent increase in taxes. Hummel says the two board members who voted against the tax increase thought money should be taken out of the district’s reserve fund. Hummel says there is about $9.5 million in reserves currently, but taking money out of it could make things harder with future budgets.


It’s the second straight year for a tax increase, last year the district also raised taxes by 1.5 mills. Hummels tells us personnel costs, such as salaries and wages, retirement expenses and medical insurance, continue to keep district costs high. He says any signs of relief will depend on if the district gets a subsidy increase from the state, which is currently only one to two percent.


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