Selinsgrove man sentenced to state prison for robberies, drug ring 


MIDDLEBURG – A 19-year-old Selinsgrove man is heading to state prison for his role in a drug ring and two drug-related armed robberies. Snyder County DA Mike Piecuch tells us Noah Hendricks pleaded guilty to nine felonies in Snyder County Court Thursday, and was sentenced five to 10 years in state prison. That will be followed by five years probation.

Piecuch says Hendricks pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, simple assault, and theft. He also pleaded guilty to dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity. These charges were a result of Hendricks pleading guilty to a robbery at Susquehanna University and an attempted robbery at Clarion University.

Last summer, we told you Hendricks was one of 15 people charged after a year-long grand jury investigation shutdown a big drug ring in and around Snyder County. Piecuch told us at the time a drug-related armed robbery at SU in August 2017 triggered the investigation. The attempted drug-related armed robbery at Clarion University occurred a few weeks later. Hendricks was held on $2 million bail.

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