Rusty Rail Brewery drawing crowds in Mifflinburg


MIFFLINBURG – Residents from across the state are flocking to the new Rusty Rail Brewing Company in Mifflinburg.  WKOK was given a recent tour of the facility including the brewing operation below the restaurant level.


Head Brewer at Rusty Rail, Michel Spuesens explains how they brew their beer on site, “We mix our crushed grain with water. It sits in a giant like tea bag, you would say.  We are trying to extract all of the sugars from the grain.  Then we will actually recycle it and push all of the sugars towards the bottom.  Then we will collect it into a brew kettle.”  Hops are then added as well as additional flavors like pumpkin, orange, cinnamon and others.


Aside from the beer, the building itself is a site to behold.  Myles Biggs is marketing director and explains how the project to build a brewery in the old factory building came about.  Biggs said, “The owners of the building, Paul and Eric John, purchased the building at auction, when Yorktowne left it, and they put Legacy cabinets in the other side.  For a while, this sat dormant from 2008 to 2013.  They kept walking the halls and Paul says it was kind of like the movie Field of Dreams, where the building was whispering to him saying they could do great things here.”


You can see a video of Rusty Rail Brewing Company online at  You can also hear the complete interview from WKOK Sunrise online at  (Ali Stevens)


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