Rowe supporting Wolf impeachment: Executive branch ‘seized unprecedented amount of power’

LEWISBURG – One of the Valley’s state representatives is one of 24 co-sponsors of a recently introduced House Resolution calling for the impeachment of Governor Tom Wolf.

State Representative David Rowe (R-85th, Lewisburg) says the last straw was how the governor rejected a joint resolution spear-headed by the state GOP, trying to end his renewed coronavirus disaster declaration, “Reserving powers to the people, that everything in this article shall forever remain in-violet…and the governor has violated numerous aspects of this. Co-sponsoring the articles of impeachment is not something I take lightly, its not something that should be interpreted as a political stunt, but the executive branch has seized an unprecedented amount of power.”


Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-12th, Butler) of Butler County is the one who first introduced the five articles of impeachment Tuesday, calling for the governor’s impeachment for ‘mishandling’ the pandemic. Governor Wolf has previously stated his reopening plan is working, citing two sets of data having Pennsylvania among states with a sustained decline in cases over the past two weeks. PA is also not among the more than half the U.S. experiencing increases in cases during reopening.


But Rowe says he takes those numbers with a ‘grain of salt’ because of previous reporting issues, “All the way going back to when the Coroner’s Associated cried fowl with the death reports, and just recently when Union County was supposed to go green. When I touched base with the governor’s office regarding that, the numbers they gave me did not match the numbers the General Assembly had been provided.”


Rowe says in the resolution’s original printing, Representative Garth Everett (R-84th, Muncy) is also among the 24 co-sponsors, but Representatives Lynda Schelgel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) and Kurt Masser (R-107th, Elysburg) were not listed as co-sponsors.

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