Rowe on OTM: Moyer campaign ‘manipulated’ by Democrats

SUNBURY – Republican candidate for next week’s special 85th District election David Rowe of Lewisburg recently had some criticism of a fellow Republican, write-in candidate Clair Moyer of Lewisburg.


Rowe claimed during a recent appearance on WKOK’s On The Mark, Moyer’s campaign is being manipulated by Democrats, “As the Standard-Journal just reported, his campaign, Chip Facka, is a well-known liberal activist. He used to drive around in a big truck that said, ‘Screw Trump’ on it, and it really is disheartening to see the local democrats take advantage of this elderly war veteran just to prop up their own political advances.”


Rowe claims Moyer is also for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which he calls a socialist idea. Moyer also made an appearance on WKOK’s On The Mark and says.   You can hear Moyer’s entire interview on the WKOK Podcast Page and you’ll hear excerpts in future newscasts.


As for issues in the race, Rowe says he wants to fix the state’s current pension system, and he will also refuse the offer to take a state funded pension plan as a representative, “It’s unsustainable as it stands. In East Buffalo Township where I was a supervisor, the employees were shifted from a pension fund to a 401k match-type system. I’ve already committed to refusing the state funded pension as a representative. As a representative, I think representatives need to lead by example.”


Rowe says the government should run like a business, and as a small business owner, he would take those ideals to Harrisburg, “The debt levels are unsustainable, the tax increases are unsustainable. What we need is somebody who is willing to go to Harrisburg who is willing to make those tough decisions, promote lasting, sustainable, economic growth, promote family-sustaining  jobs. Those are all things I know how to do and I’m willing to do.


The 85th district special election is August 20. Hear more from Rowe on the WKOK Podcast Page or visit WKOK on Apple Podcasts or Google Play and subscribe.


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