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Newsradio 1070 WKOK,, the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation, and Evangelical Community Hospital present: Rock Red for Healthy Hearts.  Go to WKOKcom for heart healthy tips, a list of upcoming events and stay tuned to new interviews about heart health.

WKOK Sunrise and 94KX interviews:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 – WKOK 7:10am then on 94KX Tom & Lura in the Morning program at 7:45am –GUEST: John Pfeifer, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, Heart and Vascular  TOPIC: Dr. Pfeifer will speak about Interventional Cardiology – life-saving heart care available at Evangelical • What is a heart catheterization? • When is a heart catheterization necessary? •    Why do a heart cath? • What patients can expect?  •             What the doctor can see? • How it helps in diagnosis and treatment of heart related issues.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 – WKOK 7:10 am then on 94KX Tom & Lura in the Morning program at 7:45am– GUEST: Jeff Nolter, BA, CNMT, Coordinator Nuclear Medicine/PET-CT, and Jill Walker, Technical Director, Echocardiography TOPIC: Heart-related imaging •       What modalities are available at Evangelical to evaluate the heart? o        Nuclear Cardiology (Jeff) o          Echocardiography (Jill) • What do each tell about the heart and how does this help the doctor in the diagnosis and treatment of their patient? • What can patients expect when undergoing imaging techniques?

Wednesday, February 26, 2020– WKOK 7:00 am then on 94KX Tom & Lura in the Morning program at 7:45am–SPEAKER: Cardiac Rehabilitation staff – TOPIC: Evangelical’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and How to Bounce Back after A Heart Related incident • Explain what is available through Evangelical’s program – most specifically our diagnostic abilities – such as echocardiography, stress tests, cardiac enzyme tests, etc.

• HOPE – talk about what patients can expect and provide reassurance that what they actually experience is catered to their own needs – that treatment is one-on-one and specialists create a pace that works for each individual – with just the right amount of push and coaching to get to the right level of heart healthy activity • Give tips to individuals who want to start an exercise program to strengthen the heart –  o What types of exercise should they consider? O How often should they exercise and how long? O What should they pay attention to during exercise to know if they are working too hard or not hard enough?

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