Retirement of Chief Deputy honored by Commissioners

SUNBURY — After just over a decade of service to Northumberland County,  Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Coe’s retirement was recognized. The Northumberland County Commissioners honored the retired Chief Deputy during Tuesday’s meeting. Coe was given a plaque from the commissioners at the start of the meeting. He served for 10-and-half years in Northumberland County, and 42-and-half years overall in law enforcement.

Commissioner Chairman Rich Shoch, “I’ve come to know him not just as an employee, but a friend over the years. He’ll give you the straight scoop in his opinion. He won’t sugarcoat it and I appreciate and value that.”


Shoch says the hiring process for Coe’s successor has already begun, “The Sherriff’s office is already working to get another very quality employee in there. He’s talked to us about someone he’s thinking of hiring, who is someone who’s long-term in law enforcement with a lot of responsibility.”   No word on when a new Chief Deputy will be announced. (Matt Catrillo)

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