PSP retiree to oversee Diocese Youth Protection Programs

HARRISBURG – The Diocese of Harrisburg has hired a retired state police captain to oversee its  youth protection programs. Thursday, the Diocese announced Retired Capt. Janet McNeal, will review the Diocese’s current youth protection programs. She’ll also develop programs and policies to make any needed improvements and will serve as Safe Environment Coordinator. She’ll do this through her firm Law and Grace Consulting.


The Diocese says McNeal has been granted complete access to its records. She’ll also meet with survivors to hear their stories and determine what stage they are in the healing process. McNeal will also work to ensure all adults in the Diocese are working with minors are effectively screened and trained.


McNeal brings 26 years of law enforcement investigative and policy development experience. She has a three year contract with the Diocese. She will operate independently, reporting her recommendations to Bishop Ronald Gainer.

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