Registered Dieticians: Here is a list of foods that can improve your mood


SUNBURY –Instead of turning to sugary foods to brighten our mood, there’s other healthier options.  Kathryn Long, a Registered Dietician at Weis Markets says whole grains are important, “So you want to be sure you’re eating nutrient-rich whole grains, and those carbohydrates, because those are what’s going to give you lasting energy. They’re not really going to give you those ups and downs like something that has a lot of sugar in it.”

Long says different produce items are a good source to boost your mood throughout the day, “Other foods that can help lift your mood include citrus, asparagus, and strawberries. All those are linked to lifting your mood.”


You can hear more from the Weis Dieticians about foods that can get you through the day at They were on a recent edition of WKOK Sunrise.

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