Raise the Region continues in The Valley

SUNBURY — Day 2 of “Raise the Region” is underway and as of 11 am this morning the total donations were over $655,000 from nearly 3,000 donors as of noon.


Jack Willoughby, Chief Financial Officer of First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania, says one of the foundations missions is to support regional non-profits, “So we use our endowments and our financial strength to put on a program like this. We provide the platform, we provide the technology, we provide sponsors who will provide the matching stretch funds.”


Blaise Alexander Dealerships have been the main sponsor of Raise the Region over the past 7 years, where they’ve donated over $1 million in stretch funds.


Willoughby tells us how the event helps local non-profits, “One of our objectives is not just to raise money but also it’s a way to provide these non-profits that we have a way to reach out to their donors and to get better at connecting with their people and raising the fund they need to do the work.”


There are games and prizes throughout the day so visit RaiseTheRegion.org for more information, and to hear more from Jack Willoughby go to the Sunrise podcast page at WKOK.com.

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