Push for more early childhood education funding for military


MILTON – There continues to be a big push for more funding for early childhood education in Pennsylvania. The urgings are especially critical now with the state budget season underway. A national organization called, “Mission Readiness” held a round table Thursday at the Milton YMCA.


State Representative Lynda Schelgel Culver (R-108th, Sunbury ) will be part of the panel mainly focused on education for individuals heading to the US military, “They’re having to turn a lot of young men and women who would like to serve, away. They have a big emphasis on early learning. And where a lot of those skills are developed…their problem solving skills, their social skills…it’s a soft skill that employers and the military are looking for that are developed around the age of three to five.”


Representative Culver says it’s a worthwhile investment for the state government to make, “Their goal is to be able to offer every child the same opportunity for success. Without us investing in these programs, I think you’ll see stressors on areas like corrections, police departments, children and youth, and we’re trying to lessen some of their burdens. Meanwhile, you’re basically investing  in the future of your community.”


The deadline for the new state budget is June 30.


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