Publisher’s Clearing House Scam reported in Sunbury

SUNBURY – The Northumberland County District Attorney is warning Valley residents of a phone scam falsely claiming they are from the Publisher’s Clearing House. The DA says the incident took place April 15. A caller identified as Wayne Watkins, Senior Claims Advisor for Publisher’s Clearing House, phoned a 77-year-old Sunbury woman.


The first call involved alleged winnings of a large amount of money. Then the woman’s daughter answered, and the scammer claimed her mother had won $5.5 million, a new Mercedes Benz, and other winnings.


The woman’s daughter continued to play along to get more details from the scammer. The scammer then said the “prize patrol” would deliver winnings to her home, but she would have to pay a $1,950 registration fee. She would also have to go to her bank to get the funds without telling anyone what it was for.


Publishers Clearing House is a direct marketing company that markets merchandise and magazine subscriptions with sweepstakes and prize-based games and does not charge anything to enter. The DA warns about these and many other types of scams.

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