Prepare, cold and flu season is coming


SUNBURY – You can avoid getting the sniffles or even the flu…Kathryn Long and Beth Stark are Weis Registered Dietitians and they were on WKOK Sunrise discussing many things from fall foods, to how to prepare for the cold and flu season.


Beth Stark, manager of Lifestyle Initiatives at Weis Markets, says taking vitamin C and hand washing are very important to cold and flu preparation, but there is a more important step you can take, “Per the CDC recommendations, if you’re concerned, get a flu shot, that’s one of your biggest lines of defense among eating right and resting, and thankfully you have easy access to a flu shot right in all of our Weis stores, right in the pharmacy. You don’t need an appointment, stop in, they’ll give you your shot and then you can cross it off your list.”


Kathryn Long, healthy living coordinator at Weis Markets says preparing for cold and flu season is a yearlong thing, “Cold and flu season really ramps up in the November/December time frame, but it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle all year round. So there’s not one thing you can do that’s really going to prevent the cold and flu.”


They’re nine steps to avoid colds and flu…Get a flu shot, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Also, don’t share drinking glasses or lip balm, stay active (30-60-minutes of exercise per day), take a multi-vitamin pill and reduce stress which can lower your immunity.


Along with helpful information about how to prepare for the impending cold and flu season, but they also offer healthy fall recipes ranging from breakfast ideas, to a pumpkin chicken chili, in a new cookbook “So we have breakfast options chicken, beef, pork and turkey, some seafood, plant based sides and snacks, sweets and treats and then in the back there’s recipes for kids.”


For a copy of the “Best of Healthy Bites” Cookbook, send an email to [email protected]. To hear more from the Weis dietitians about preparing for the Cold and Flu season and some more fall food talk go to WKOK Sunrise archive page.


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