UPDATE: NWS confirms tornadoes in Union, Columbia counties


LEWISBURG – Yes, it was a twister that touched down in two parts of the Valley during strong thunderstorms Sunday night into Monday morning. Union County EMA Coordinator Michelle Dietrich tells us in a news release the National Weather Service determined an EF-1 Tornado, touched down in Buffalo Township. The tornado had straight line winds as well, with winds at 86-110 mph running north and south of the tornado’s path.


In discovering the EF-1 Tornado in Union County, Dietrich says she, National Weather Service officials, and a PEMA representative toured the damage ridden area of Buffalo Township, East Buffalo Township, and Lewisburg borough to determine if a tornado hit.


Emergency officials say several homes, barns, and out buildings sustained damages with a numerous amount of trees. No injuries were reported, however. Officials say many residents advised they have never heard the sounds or remember a storm of such intensity. All those residents did take shelter in their basement at the time.


The National Weather Service has also confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down in Benton, Columbia County. That tornado reached winds of 110 mph, and traveled 2.5 miles. Two Injuries were reported.

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