GOP David Rowe wins 85th special election, by nearly 2 to 1 margin

SELINSGROVE – David Rowe speaks as he is heading to Harrisburg to replace former state house member Fred Keller. After all 40 precincts were counted, GOP candidate David Rowe was the winner by a 2-to-1 margin over Democratic candidate Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay. Republican write-in candidate Clair Moyer received 183 write-in votes.

Rowe joined WKOK’s On The Mark and thanked his supporters, “I have to express a lot of thanks to my friends and my family, especially my parents. I have to thank my volunteer base, that was just amazing yesterday. The ground game we had going was fantastic, it was a total team effort and I’m very grateful for it.”


Rowe says he’ll be starting is tenure by continuing what he did during his campaign, talking directly with constituents about the issues, “Hitting the ground running means more of what I’ve been doing already, and that’s getting out into the communities and hearing from people across the 85th District. When it comes to Harrisburg, I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know my fellow representatives and senators that are surrounding this area, this district and across the state, so I’ll be able to jump in head-first.”


Rowe says one of his main legislative priorities is working for property tax reform, “We were promised that the legalization of gambling, of casinos, would be the solution to property tax, but that solution never materialized. If its the pending senate that would increase the income tax and the sales tax, and eliminate the property tax, that’s an option to be considered, but we have to consider the long-term ramifications of those changes.”


Rowe says he’ll be tentatively sworn-in in Harrisburg September 17.


40 precincts counted

David H. Rowe    6489 votes   Winner*

Jennifer Rager-Kay 3874 votes

Clair Moyer    183 write-in votes

All results are unofficial.

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