Police: ‘Impasse’ ends peacefully in Northumberland

FEAT_POLICE_GENERIC2NORTHUMBERLAND — Numerous police responded, along with a local SWAT Team, until a man was taken into custody peacefully, after a standoff in Northumberland Monday.  Police converged on the home at 578 Orange Street, where at about 4:30pm Monday, Northumberland County Behavioral Health services attempted to take a man into custody.

Point Township police were there to assist, as Northumberland officers were on another call. Northumberland police chief Cliff Kriner tells WKOK, the man refused to exit the home. Kriner said they were able to have some communications with the man using a telephone and 9-1-1 dispatchers at the Northumberland County communications center.

About 7pm, the man exited without incident and was taken into custody. His name is not being disclosed, he has been taken to a secure mental health treatment facility.

Point Township police, in consultation with Kriner, summoned the local and regional police, and the Columbia-Montour SWAT Team, who responded with several of their trucks, including an armored vehicle.

Kriner said the key is safety, the safety of the man in the home, the neighbors and the officers, “We don’t want anyone hurt. We don’t want the subject injured, we don’t want officers injured. Safety.”

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