On The Mark, Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mark Lawrence and Joe McGranaghan host a roundtable discussion on PennDOT’s proposed route and interchanges for the Southern Section of the CSVT, we talked with the following guests:

  • Joe M. is mayor of Shamokin Dam and chair of the CSVT Task Force
  • Art Thomas, Monroe Township Engineer, President Meck-Tech Inc. professional engineers,
  • Dean Davis, Chairman, Monroe Township Supervisors
  • Ed Hovenstine, Shamokin Dam Borough Manager
  • Don Musser, Shamokin Dam Borough Council President

We’ll talked about the recent PennDOT meetings with Monroe Township and Shamokin Dam over the costs and other issues associated with the final design and construction of the Southern Section, the many new traffic lights on Routes 11 & 15, the emergency services consideration, closed local roads, and other related topics. They talked about the subtle and major impacts in these communities and the costs which township and borough residents will bear, and locally higher taxes to pay for the CSVT.

During open phones Joe and Mark argued about Wisconsin and Michigan GOP tricks, arming SU police officers and other topics.


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