On The Mark, Friday, August 3, 2018

Mark Lawrence hosts the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce day on WKOK, discussing the latest jobless numbers, and the ways The Valley is addressing the workforce initiatives. Guest co-host Taylor Lightman, with guests: Robert Garrett, President and CEO GSVCC, and John Uehling, Chairman GSVCC, and Dr. Jonathan Green, President of Susquehanna University.

The conversation started with reaction to the jobless numbers (3.9%, down from 4.0%, and the 62.9% LPR)| then we discussed the many efforts to help people find family sustaining jobs locally, and to help employers find suitable employees. We discussed ‘start-ups’ and entrepreneurs too.

Then during open phones, we discussed our divided nation, President Donald J. Trump’s remarks vs. the media last night, and other related topics. Finally, we met ‘Clayton’ who is Taylor’s mother, and we discussed Taylor’s last day on the radio for a while (he’s going to school).

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