9/6/19 On The Mark: Mark & Ben host GSVCC and guests-Financial Friday

Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley host On The Mark:

On The Mark with co-host Ben Reichley:

8:30am to 9:20am:

  • Robert Garrett, President and CEO, Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • Sue Greene, Chair, GSVCC, Director Penn State Executive Programs, Smeal College of Business.
  • Christina Herman, CSIU Career Ready Specialist.
  • Susan Spry, Luzerne County Community College Vice President for Applied Technologies and Workforce Development.

We’ll got the panel’s reaction to the latest jobless numbers, and discussed The Valley’s economy (strengths and unmet needs). Then we’ll dug into the topic—where do Valley residents turn to advice, guidance, training, education, information, inspiration and the impetus to move on and up the career ladder. We’ll talked about the unmet needs in our Valley, the ALICE data and the work of local agencies and schools.

.9:30am to 9:40am: Alexander Riley, Ph.D, Professor of Sociology, Bucknell University, author, on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary and his talk with the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives. He’ll discuss the anniversary’s role in contemporary American culture and how the media, young people and educational institutions are ignoring our nation’s most recent major pivot point.

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