8/12/19 On The Mark: Mark & Joe host Clair Moyer and argue about other topics

8:33am  to 9am: Clair Moyer, Lewisburg, Write-In candidate 85th District Special Election (Aug. 20), US Military veteran, on his reasons for running, the flawed conferee process, the many big issues he hopes to address in Harrisburg and ‘how he’ll be’ in Harrisburg. He comments on David Rowe’s comments that Moyer is a ‘perennial candidate, is a ‘propped up’ candidate, and sadly, “It is really disheartening to see the local democrats taking advantage of this elderly war veteran  to prop up their own political (inaudible).”

9:00am Open phones. We’ll argue about the GOP conferee process in Union and Snyder County and we hear from Carolyn Conner, Chair of the Union County Republican Party. We also talk about alcohol, guns and money.

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