5/8/19 WKOK Sunrise: Stacey Piecuch, Rachel Farrow, Kelly Feiler, Javier Videla, Adien Shaffer and Nickolai Wetzel

Stacey Piecuch, Director of Community Impact, Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, Rachel Farrow from Transitions, K-12 Digital Certified and a Prevention Education Specialist for Transitions, along with Kelly Feiler and Javier Videla, along with seventh graders Aiden Shaffer and Nickolai Wetzel of the R.E.C. Teen Leadership Club on next Monday’s Teens and Technology community forum and student panel. At the event, they’ll demonstrate, explain and discuss the current technology teens are using. Guests will be on the SBC Campus about 7am or so. I’ve attached a primer for review.

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