5/10/19 WKOK Sunrise: Daniel Alderson, Kori Pfleegor, Alyssa Griffin and Toni Swope

Guests will be talking about the mission and work of the JROTC, the leadership training and the opportunities for students to grow as citizens. We’ll talk about an upcoming Celebrity Service fundraiser for Wounded Warrior of Penna. Guests, who will be on the WKOK campus about 0700 or so, will be:

1.  First Sergeant Daniel Alderson, Army Instructor, Shikellamy High School JROTC

2.  Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Kori Pfleegor, Cadet Battalion Commander, Shikellamy High School JROTC

3.  Cadet Command Sergeant Major Alyssa Griffin, Cadet Command Sergeant Major, Shikellamy High School JROTC

4.  Toni Swope, Service Manager, Applebee’s, Selinsgrove

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