3/25/20 WKOK Sunrise: Chelsey Davis and her 10 Ways to Stay “Figo” (Healthy) While Staying At Home

Chelsey Davis, Figo Fitness founder, entrepreneur, and diet, kinesiology and nutrition expert, on fun helps for families who are hunkered down at home. We’ll talk about free resources, a top 10 list of great, fun, indoor-and-outdoor activities, and how to beef up your immunity. We’ll discuss her Facebook live workouts and how we can all somehow live without a gym!

The List:

10 Ways to Stay “Figo” (Healthy) While Staying At Home

  1. Stock Up The Pantry– Healthy recipes you can freeze or share with others since you’re probably cooking more than ever, Chelsey’s pantry must haves (I made a list on FB), my fav recipes I’m making, food prep with your extra time so you have healthy foods to grab
  2. Try Something New– fitness- online classes via youtube, facebook & instagram live, food- new recipe or meal prep delivery system
  3. Rev Your Immune System– Vitamin C (supplementation good, multivitamin), high alkaline foods have anti inflammatory benefits (give examples), avoid artificial sweeteners & processed foods, antioxidants can decrease inflammation & free radical formation, limit alcohol intake
  4. Keep Healthy Weight- Check in Each week (but not too often), Get Moving and Eat Healthy
  5. Count Your Steps- minimum 10k/day, watch how sedentary you are with staying at home more and watching netflix!
  6. Get Outside-Rejuvinate yourself with fresh air, try a new walk or hike (local areas)
  7. Drink Tea-anti-inflammatory benefits and distressing, soothe a sore throat (if you already are sick, you want to get well asap so you’re immune system isn’t already down and out making you more susceptible to picking up viruses)
  8. Meditate & Pray- Things are out of your control, control what you can, deep breathing techniques, keep things in perspective, what I do
  9. Sleep- at least 7-9 hours/night, one study shows subjects who slept less than 5 hour/night were at 50% greater risk of pneumonia,
  10. Treat Yo’ Self– get motivated by buying a new pair of sneakers workout gear like yoga mat or headphones, fitness toy, cooking gadget you’ve always wanted
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