11/18/19 On The Mark: Mark & Joe argue about impeachment, important life skills (LIST HERE) and Al Sharpton

Necessary life skills young people should have:

  1. How to change a car tire.
  2. Other car maintenance skills, waxing, oil check, etc.
  3. Know how to care for a pet.
  4. How to take care of money, rent a apartment/home, understand a contract, do your own taxes, checkbook, budget, invest, be debt free and understand banking/credit cards.
  5. Know how to swim.
  6. Do 20-hours (or more) of community service, in the human service field and in the service industries.
  7. Change a diaper.
  8. Drive a 4-speed, or 5-speed, manual shift car or truck.
  9. Know how to listen, behave, be assertive and audible.
  10. How to cook and know about food safety.
  11. Do a resume and job application.
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