10/2/2020 On The Mark: Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley host Gene Barr and Leonard Steinhorn

Mark Lawrence and Ben Reichley enjoy the following show:

8:30am to 9:10am: Robert Garrett, President and CEO Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, on the latest jobless numbers, the local unemployment rates, the shining spots in the local economy, and why some people choose to not work. We ask about chamber activities and events this month.

8:32am to 8:58am: Gene Barr, President and CEO, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.  He joins our employment numbers discussion, and recaps the #WhyIWearIt campaign and the ‘Bringing PA Back’ initiative, and the big liability issues arising because of the pandemic.

9:15am: Leonard Steinhorn, CBS News Political Analyst, Professor of Communication and History, American University, author, founding editor of PunditWire, on the big debate this week, the presidential campaign, the deep political divisions in the US now, and the phenomenon of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

9:36am: Open phones, we discuss President Trump’s COVID diagnosis, and discuss the spectacle that was the presidential debate.

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