1/20/20 WKOK Sunrise: Kelsi Chuprinski

On the upcoming series ‘Loneliness and the Four Loves.

Kelsi Chuprinski, Assistant Catholic Campus Minister, Bucknell University about the Bucknell Faculty Staff Christian Association, Bucknell Catholic Campus Ministry, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and Bucknell Orthodox Christian Fellowship have joined together to sponsor this series of conversations on “Loneliness and the Four Loves” on campus. They will coincide with the lead-up to Valentine’s Day and be a kind of alternative to the university Sex Positive Week. They were designed to address the problem of loneliness which is an especially acute problem among many young people today.  They say: Loneliness is epidemic in our culture today. Come join a new reading group to explore how to heal it by developing loving relationships, following the approach of C.S. Lewis in his classic short book, The Four Loves, which focuses on the unity yet distinctness of affection, friendship, eros, and charity or agape. From a Christian perspective, Lewis draws on Classical philosophical understandings of the four loves, combined with biblical insights, in a way that can be helpful to people of all faith or no-faith backgrounds.

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