1/20/20 WKOK Sunrise: Dr. Alexander Riley

Dr. Alexander Riley on The series: What does it mean to be American in 2019-20? Some look to 1776, some 1619 or 1620, 1787, 1863, 1941, 1964 or 1968, or to when their families arrived as immigrants. But what does it mean today?  The series examines questions that some see dividing the U.S. in a new “cold civil war” leading into the 2020 election: Is being American dependent on geography or soil? On class or race or sexuality or religion? On an idea? Or on something else? Is identity essential or relational? Come join a conversation with often controversial viewpoints, designed to help stimulate active intellectual reflection on ourselves. Reading groups will be scheduled the week before each event for discussing short writings by each speaker.

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