PIAA: High school fall sports delayed two weeks, then may resume

MECHANICSBURG – The high school fall sports season is on a two-week delay…Now the PIAA is asking Governor Tom Wolf, the state health and education departments and state lawmakers to continue working with the association.

Executive Director Bob Lombardi told The Steve Jones Show this on Friday, “We don’t want to be in conflict with him, we want to work cooperatively. The ultimate goal here is to provide educational opportunities for young people. Let’s put our egos aside, let’s put our thinking caps on and see if we can help young people be young people.”

During this time, the PIAA says voluntary workouts may continue with local approval. The PIAA says it will meet again August 21 to further discuss whether to hold fall sports. Lombardi says based on currently known information, strict adherence by schools to their adopted plans should provide a ‘reasonably safe environment’ to participate in fall sports.

He told Steve Jones its especially true for sports like cross country, golf, and tennis, “There’s three sports right there that we can get done in a tremendously safe fashion, and we also feel the same with field hockey and soccer. Now football’s going to be challenging, but you’re sitting there in Penn State country, and they seem to have it going pretty well. They’re dealing with young adults, we’re dealing with adolescents that are going home to mom and dad and being sequestered a little bit.”

Lombardi also says the PIAA is 100% opposed to not having fans, including parents, at events, “We want spectators at our contests, and we certainly want parents and grandparents. We believe if some of the same standards of 25% capacity would be allowed in our gymnasiums and stadiums, we could easily allow those people come in, they can socially distance, and not have an issue.”

If fall sports are a go, the first day of practice, as well as football heat acclamazation, would start August 24. That means the first set of football games would start Friday, September 11. Hear the entire interview with Lombardi on The Steve Jones Show here.

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