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AP PA Headlines 11/28/19

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia police officer says in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that the department makes it difficult for new mothers to breastfeed at work.  The sex and pregnancy discrimination suit says that despite complaints the department doesn’t give women the time and space they need to pump.  Lead plaintiff Janelle Newsome says she stopped nursing her 15-month-old son months early because of the lack of support.

She and a fellow officer, Jennifer Allen, tell The Associated Press they had to pump in unsanitary locker rooms, busy offices or lunch rooms.  The lawsuit accuses the department of violating city, state and federal laws that mandate accommodations for nursing mothers.  About 22% of the city’s 6,500 officers are women.  A spokesman says the department has no comment on the pending litigation.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania’s governor has signed a law permitting hunting on three Sundays per year, but it won’t take effect until early 2020.  Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill on Wednesday, three days before the start of rifle deer season.  Wolf says the measure balances landowners’ needs with those of hunters who can’t take weekdays off from school or work.

The legislation permits Sunday hunting on one day during rifle deer season, one during statewide archery deer season and a third day the Game Commission will pick.  Sunday hunting will require a landowner’s written permission. The bill also makes it easier to enforce anti-trespassing laws.  Pennsylvania’s prohibition on Sunday hunting dates to the 19th century, although there are currently exceptions for crows, foxes and coyotes, and for noncommercial private game reserves.

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BERLIN (AP) — Germany’s Defense Ministry is apologizing for an Instagram post about fashion by the military’s social media team which featured a Nazi-era uniform, complete with swastika-embossed medals, under the heading “retro.”  Spokesman Christian Thiels told reporters Tuesday’s quickly-removed post was “an unacceptable mistake for which we offer many, many apologies.”

Germany’s Bundeswehr military has recently undertaken a social media push to try to drum up interest.  Thiels said Wednesday the uniform pictured was a Hollywood costume, used for the Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie,” on display at Dresden’s Bundeswehr Military History Museum. It ended up posted as part of a story on the influence of uniforms on fashion.  He says it appears to be “an extremely irritating case of thoughtlessness” rather than a neo-Nazi message, and promised consequences after an investigation.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A man’s quest to find his wedding ring on a 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain in New Hampshire has been completed by a couple of hikers — and a metal detector.  WMUR-TV reports Bill Giguere, of Massachusetts, recently lost the gold band on Mount Hancock. Giguere, who had been wearing it for three years, put out a plea to a hiking group for help.

Tom Gately saw the post but had doubts about finding the ring along the 10-mile loop trail Giguere hiked.  Giguere said the most likely spot was at a lookout where he changed gloves.  Gately and fellow hiker Brendan Cheever set out with a metal detector.  Cheever says that “it beeped and he’s, like, ‘I think I found it,’ and everybody’s, like, ‘What?’ and he just started scratching in the snow. There it was!”

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PA Sports, Scores & Skeds.


We’ve got an NFL Thanksgiving Triple Header on WKOK:

12:30 p.m. Chicago at Detriot

4:30 p.m. Buffalo at Dallas

8:15 p.m. New Orleans at Atlanta



Here are the scores from yesterday’s sports events:



Final    Boston 121      Brooklyn         110

Final    Charlotte         102      Detroit 101

Final    Orlando           116      Cleveland        104

Final    Indiana            121      Utah    102

Final    Philadelphia    97        Sacramento     91

Final    Toronto           126      New York       98

Final    Houston          117      Miami  108

Final    L.A. Clippers  121      Memphis         119

Final    Milwaukee      111      Atlanta            102

Final    Minnesota       113      San Antonio    101

Final    Washington     140      Phoenix           132

Final    L.A. Lakers     114      New Orleans   110

Final    Portland          136      Oklahoma City            119

Final    Golden State   104      Chicago           90



Final OT          Calgary            3          Buffalo            2

Final    Philadelphia    3          Columbus        2

Final    Toronto           6          Detroit 0

Final    N-Y Rangers   3          Carolina           2

Final    Boston 2          Ottawa            1

Final    Pittsburgh        8          Vancouver       6

Final    St. Louis          4          Tampa Bay      3

Final    Washington     4          Florida 3

Final OT          Vegas  4          Nashville         3

Final SO          Arizona           4          Anaheim          3

Final    Colorado         4          Edmonton       1

Final    Los Angeles    4          N-Y Islanders 1

Final    Winnipeg         5          San Jose          1



Final    (3)Michigan St.           75        UCLA 62

Final OT          (4)Kansas        90        Dayton            84

Final    (6)North Carolina        76        Alabama          67

Final    (7)Virginia       46        Maine  26

Final    (8)Gonzaga     94        Southern Miss.            69

Final    (11)Oregon      71        (13)Seton Hall 69





                        New Jersey      at         Montreal          7:30 p.m.



                        Chicago           at         Detroit 12:30 p.m.

                        Buffalo            at         Dallas  4:30 p.m.

                        New Orleans   at         Atlanta            8:20 p.m.



                        (5)Maryland    at         Temple            11 a.m.

                        (6)North Carolina        at         Michigan         1:30 p.m.

                        (8)Gonzaga     at         (11)Oregon      4 p.m.

                        (12)Texas Tech            at         Iowa    8 p.m.

                        Southern Miss.            at         (13)Seton Hall 9 p.m.

                        Pepperdine      at         (14)Arizona     11 p.m.

                        (16)Memphis   at         NC State         4 p.m.



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