PENNDOT UPDATE: July King Street work explained, detours until Thanksgiving

File Photo: Duke & Water

NORTHUMBERLAND – PennDOT and contractors are back in Northumberland today working on King Street.  Work is underway between the Priestley Bridge and Priestley Avenue. During this time, PennDOT says one (northbound) lane of traffic will be maintained. No southbound traffic will get through this section of King Street.


North 147 will remain open…Motorists coming from Packer Island/Sunbury, in-bound traffic into Northumberland on Route 147 northbound, will continue into Northumberland.


Southbound traffic on Route 147 (motorists heading from Northumberland to the island/Sunbury) will be detoured to Shamokin Dam and into Sunbury on the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

This phase will take about two months and will end near Labor Day.


The second phase of King Street work will start on or after Labor Day, then work will take place between Priestley Avenue and Front Street.


At this time, Route 147 northbound traffic into Northumberland will come off the Priestley Bridge, turn right and travel north on Priestley Avenue.  If they wish to go on Route 11 south, or Route 147 north, they can follow this detour: Left onto Orange Street to Third Street, and then to Duke Street.


Route 11 northbound traffic will be able to come into Northumberland and continue toward Danville. That traffic will turn right on Water Street/Route 11 north.


There will be two new temporary traffic lights during this phase:


  • Water and Orange Streets.
  • Third and Duke Streets.


This phase will be done by Thanksgiving and will complete the major excavation portion of the Northumberland/Duke Street project.


PennDOT says trees can be planted this fall on rebuilt streets and next year, final paving of all aspects of this project will take place.

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