UPDATE: Big Norry Route 11 back-ups being addressed

NORTHUMBERLAND – Some help is on the way in Northumberland…Since the restart of work on the Duke Street project, traffic on Route 11 south coming into the borough has caused major traffic backups. With temporary traffic lights back on at Orange and King Streets, there have been very long delays coming into the borough.


PennDOT’s Mindy Foresman and State Representative Lynda Schlegel Culver tell us they are looking for solutions. PennDOT says it is re-evaluating traffic signal timing at King and Orange Streets, as well as the Duke Street detour route.


In other updates, Foresman says Prince and Hanover Streets are now open at Front Street. She also says another message board has been added at Ridge Road and they are working to synchronize the two new traffic signals in Northumberland. PennDOT’s Matt Beck tells us the current Northumberland traffic patterns will be in place through July.

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