Paint the Valley Pink hopes to educate The Valley


SUNBURY –  We’re Painting The Valley Pink again…the campaign is the annual month long event that spotlights breast cancer awareness and prevention. Dr. Bradley Mudge, a surgeon at Evangelical Community Hospital, was on WKOK Sunrise discussing the most common myths surrounding breast cancer, “Often times, especially among the older population, people come in and are of the mindset that if they get a biopsy, you know, if a cancer is found and they have a surgery on it, then that will cause the cancer to spread.”


Dr. Mudge says this is not true, “What happened in the past when we weren’t screening as well as we are currently, a lot of times people presented much further on in the disease process where they were at a later stage and therefore when they finally sought care, they ultimately did get a biopsy or a surgery, but by then it was too late.”


Another myth is that young women don’t get breast cancer. Dr. Mudge says that’s not entirely true, but it’s still a rarity, “It’s rare truthfully to see women in their 20’s, but it happens. Often times though it’s in the 30’s and 40’s, the real younger patients with breast cancer, typically we think are more associated with a genetic predisposition.”


Paint the Valley Pink is observed all throughout the month of October. Be sure to stay tuned to for special interviews, segments and events around The Valley all month long.


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