OTM callers favor separating children from parents at border

SUNBURY – Despite a lot of national backlash, some Valley residents favor the separation of immigrant children from their families at the southern border. It continues to be a hot-button national issue as the U.S. “zero tolerance” policy continues to separate families crossing the country’s border illegally.

Cindy says families looking to cross the border illegally should be given a warning they could lose their children, “They have arrived at the border with the mistaken impression that they would be allowed to enter in our country freely. But now they know that will not happen, and they therefore have the single opportunity to make this choice to reverse their steps back across the border and we won’t take any action against them.”

Lance says outrage by many on this topic victim of “an overwhelmed system,” “Which is what they’re trying to do with the immigration, simply by this, and then shift the focus from the actual problem with immigration to the horrible things we’re doing with those kids.”


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