Northumberland’s PennDOT detours bring out a crowd to borough council

NORTHUMBERLAND – PennDOT says they are making more changes to their Northumberland detours and road closures because of complaints from motorists and residents.

At the Northumberland Borough Council meeting Tuesday night, project manager Mindy Foresman explained she has heard, and responded to, complaints about the detours, “We’ve made a bunch of changes; we recognized we had issues right away.”

“We’ve changed the parking restrictions, we put no parking on one side and we’ve allowed parking on the opposite side, so there is only no parking in the direction of the detour. We’ve changed messages on the message boards and added message boards to keep people where they are supposed to be going,” she said.

About a dozen people had questions for PennDOT at the borough council meeting and Foresman, and PennDOT’s Ted Deptula took notes, and said they were preparing to make more adjustments in the signage and detour.

The latest detours have Route 11 south, and 147 north, going up Orange Street to Third Street. Foresman conceded many motorists are not following signage and the exact detour routes, but more adjustments will be made. She said they’ll do what they can to keep people from using Second Street as the detour, “We can. I’m not sure people are going to follow it. There are big signs that say, ‘147/11 go straight.'”

The detours are necessary while PennDOT rebuilds the 100-block of King Street. That work is currently underway and is the last phase of a three-year project to rebuild and repave sections of Duke, Water, King and Front Streets.  Foresman says they’ll look at the suggestions given and look for some viable solutions to the traffic problems.  One solution includes changing Second Street signage, since that is being used as the detour route.

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