Northumberland County wins CCAP small jail award

Northumberland County Commissioners Rick Shoch and Sam Schiccatano, supporters of the new prison, receive the 2019 county Criminal Justice System Best Practices Small County Jail Award. Also pictured is CCPA First Vice President Jeff Snyder, and Mary Rose McCarthy, County Chief Clerk.


SUNBURY – A big achievement for Northumberland County among other counties in Pennsylvania. During Tuesday’s county commissioner’s meeting, the county was presented with the 2019 Criminal Justice System Best Practices Small County Jail award. It was presented by Jeff Snyder, First Vice President of the County Commissioners Association of PA.


The county was given the award for the building and successful opening of the new county prison. It also recognizes the county addressing overcrowding and attacking the opioid crisis…that from the opening of Guadenzia Inc., the drug rehab center on the county south campus.

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