Northumberland County pays $85K penalty for 911 system

SUNBURY – Though Northumberland County is set to pay a big penalty for delays to its 911 system project, the county will end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. County commissioner chairman Rick Shoch tells us the county approved by a 2-1 vote to pay an $85,000 penalty for delays in the project. However, Shoch says the county will still save over $200,000.


Shoch says the county knew there was a provision in its contract with Motorola, saying there would be penalties for delay damages. But Shoch says what caused the delay was the county securing the right to mount equipment on its towers, therefore needing to enter leases.  Shoch says it was third party negotiations of those leases that caused delays. He says by holding out on those third party negotiations to bring costs down, the county was able to save big money as a result.


The county recently spent $5.2 million to upgrade the 911 system, and then took out a $3.3 million loan for the project, that also led to about $25,000 in savings.

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