Northumberland County Sheriff’s office, staff interaction curtailed


SUNBURY – An advisory from the Northumberland County Sheriff’s office…while access to the courthouse is limited, the staff is there during normal business hours and can handle phone calls.


Sheriff Robert Wolfe said they are minimizing contact with the public. He says there will be no interaction with the sheriff’s staff and it is not possible to procure license to carry firearms or get other permits right now.


For the Sheriff’s office and other offices, it is possible to drop off paperwork for the courthouse, he says, there a bins at the courthouse entrance for that purpose. Call the sheriff’s office at 570-988-4155.


Northumberland County declared a state of emergency and its courthouse, administration building, human services complex, and Shamokin Career Center are closed to the public until Apirl 14. All County employees will still be working and fielding questions by phone or email.

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