Northumberland County D-A: Two new charges, two defendants

Northumberland County D-A Tony Matulewicz announce two arrests

SUNBURY – The Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz is out with two sets of charges against people already in custody, or on probation.


29-year-old Terrell Turpin, already an inmate at the county prison, is charged with disorderly conduct, and harassment because of an incident at the jail. They say he made obscene and vulgar statements to women staffers at the jail, despite several warnings.


Also charged, 33-year-old Ashley Wright for illegally trying to fake a urine sample given to a probation officer. The D-A says authorities found a ‘fake urine kit’ on Wright when she was searched at the Northumberland County Prison.


District Attorney Matulewicz says charges against those two are now pending at the local magistrate’s office.

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