Northumberland County Commissioners look for fresh start


SUNBURY – In welcoming a new face to next year’s administration, the Northumberland County Commissioners are hoping for a fresh start. The next county commissioner regime consists of newcomer Joe Klebon, and incumbents Sam Schiccatano and Kym Best. Best and Schiccatano in particular,  are hoping to start a new era on the right foot, after some past tense disagreements on certain issues.


Best says she’s confident she can continue working with Schiccatano, “When we were first elected, Sam and I had a very positive relationship, and even throughout the four years here, even when things seemed to be on the outside, tenuous, Sam and I were still speaking, we were still able to communicate and work effectively, I thought, even if we disagree.”


Schiccatano says their working relationship going forward is all up to Best, “Do I want to be someone who works everyday in this office and the next day, see my name in the paper for a lawsuit or for things I did not do? No. If that continues, then everything will continue the same way. If it continues that we work together, she brings ideas, I’ll welcome that, because I think she’s very intelligent, I think she wants to do things the right way, but sometimes she gets distracted.”


Schiccatano says despite a ‘work in progress’ relationship with Best, he’s helped accomplish things to move the county forward. That includes establishing the new county prison campus, new magistrate’ office in Milton, and improving relationships with surrounding counties. Best says she would like to get the Celotex site marketed, address Northumberland County Courthouse repairs, reassess some county buildings, and finish the ongoing 911 project.


Joe Klebon says no matter where anyone stands on issues, time can’t be wasted on past disagreements, and he’s tired of the bickering, “It’s not just about me or the other two commissioners…its what’s best for the county. If we disagree on something, we’re going to vote on it, and after the vote is over, it’s done, let’s move on to the next issue we got to take care of.”


Klebon says he’d also like to address the Celotex site, and further develop the county prison campus.


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