Northumberland County Commissioner Schiccantano announces re-election bid



SUNBURY – Current Northumberland County Commissioner Sam Schiccatano announced on WKOK’s On The Mark program, he will seek re-election as commissioner.


Schiccatano also announced a new running mate, Joe Klebon of Ralpho Township. Both will run on the Republican ticket, “Joe starting talking to me before Christmas. We started talking and decided if I do run, I’m going to run in the primaries with a partner, I know that’s unusual. But I just think you need to have someone who’s going to work hard, someone who’s going to be there, someone who’s going to do the right thing.”


Klebon is a former educator and coach in the Warrior Run and Shamokin Area School districts. He currently serves as a Southern Columbia School Board Director, Northumberland County Housing Authority Commissioner and more, “I like what they’ve done over the past three years. I thought about it, discussed it with my wife, and I thought I would do it. I would be a full-time commissioner, and I have a pretty good understanding of what’s going on in the county, having served on all these different boards and committees.”


Schiccantano says he was hesitiant to run again at first. He says he then though otherwise after some convincing from outgoing county commissioner chair Rick Shoch and hearing from county residents, “I have a lot of people in our department heads, and that work in our departments in the county that ask me. I see a lot of people do care. A lot of people want good people in office.”


Schiccantano and Klebon say they are running together on the principles of honesty, trust, fairness, and striving to make informed and rational decisions. You can hear more from both candidates from Thursday’s On The Mark on the WKOK Podcast page.

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