North Shore railroad receiving $800,000 assistance from the state

NORTHUMBERLAND – North Shore Railroad is busy these days pulling trains carrying Santa Claus and now a gift of sorts is coming to the railroad. The state announced, and North Shore detailed, an $800,000 grant to build a new rail transloading site in Point Township, Northumberland County.

Further details about the type and location of the site aren’t out yet, but North Shore says the work will help create 10-15 new jobs. The railroad says the $800,000 project has been included in this year’s PennDOT Rail Transportation Assistance Program grant awards.

North Shore Railroad President Jeb Stotter says the project will include the construction of 1,350 feet of track and installation of three rail turnouts in order to develop a multi-purpose transload site in Point Township. Transloading is the movement of cargo from rail to truck or vice versa.

Currently, North Shore says it serves nearly 100 customers throughout Central PA and operates and maintains 250 miles of track.  Stotter says transloading allows businesses that do not have a direct rail access to utilize rail and access the national rail network.  The railroad also has donated hundreds of thousands of hours of rail time, staff and trains to pull holiday trains.

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