North Shore awarded short line railroad of the year and more

NORTHUMBERLAND— The North Shore Railroad won what Gary Shields, president and CEO Gary Shields calls the ‘triple crown’ for the railroad industry. North Shore Railroad was given the Marketing Award from American Short Line and Regional Railroad, the Short Line Railroad of the Year Award from Railway Age, and the Short Line of the Year from Norfolk Southern.


Shields says the employees are what these awards are all about, “ The people… the people there are  all local, they care about the customers, they provide a quality job to the customers day in and day out.  That’s what the awards are all about, the employees.”


Denise Bailey, short line development manager with Norfolk Southern spoke about why she nominated North Shore Railroad for Short Line of the Year, “ I nominated them to be Norfolk Southern Short Line of the Year, so I had to build a case as to why they should be named short line of the year versus the 240 other short lines that we have. North Shore really stood out  the customers that they brought online, and four big customers, with lots of car loads bringing lots of business to this area, and it was so much fun working with them.”


There are 602 short line railroads throughout the country. North Shore has received the marketing award five times over the past 14 years, and has been named short line of the year twice for Railway Age.


North Shore Railroad Company operates six short lines including; Juniata Valley, Lycoming Valley, Nittany and Bald Eagle, North Shore, Shamokin Valley, and Union County Industrial Railroads. ( Sarah Benek)

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